Serena Rix

BSc (hons) Pharm, Pharm D

Pharmacist, Palliative Care, Grey Nuns Hospital

Serena Rix is a palliative care pharmacist at Grey Nuns Hospital. Qualifications include: BSc (hons) Pharmacy (Brighton), Pharm D (Colorado), current student MSc Palliative Care (Glasgow). Adjunct member of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, (U of A) 2016 recipient of the APEX Award of Excellence in Pharmacy

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Is this the best we can do? Optimizing opioid use in the palliaitive population.

Canada is experiencing an opioid crisis and prescribers are feeling pressured to reduce access to the agents including palliative patients. Many of the these patients need these medications for adequate analgesia. Reviewing current literature, we will examine which harm-reduction strategies are appropriate to the palliative population to minimize risk while maintaining safety acceptable pain control

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