Sandy Ayre

OT, Certificate in Death and Grief Studies

Occupational Therapist

Sandy Ayre is an Occupational Therapist with a Certificate in Death and Grief Studies Certificate through the Center for Loss and Life Transition. She works on the Tertiary Palliative Care Unit at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton. She also teaches yoga as a supportive modality for grief.

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Companioning the Bereaved: A Soulful Philosophy of Care

Grief is the internal and natural response to loss. Modern culture has adopted many unhelpful strategies that perpetuate a society that is grief illiterate and death phobic. This session will dispel popular misconceptions of grief in order to re-frame supportive care. You will learn an effective model of grief support called the Companioning Model by understanding its 11 Tenets. The only “prerequisite” is an open heart and willingness to walk alongside someone who is grieving.

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