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Patricia Laffin


The Palliative Radiation Oncology Clinic at the CCI originated as a fast track clinic for palliative patients to access radiation treatments for symptom management. Now we also assess patients to faciliate referrals for symptom control and medication management. This project was supported by the AHS Research Challenge which gives frontline employees with little to no research experience a chance to learn scientific methodology and engage in their practice in a new and meaningful way. Our team consists of: Team Lead Renee Rolfes, RN with 16 years experience and 8 years at the CCI in the PRO Clinic, Cecilia Mah: a pharmacist working at the CCI with 4 years of experience with palliative patients and Patricia Laffin: a radiation therapist at the CCI for 18 years working in the PRO Clinic for 4 of those.

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Do patients understand us? A multidisciplinary approach to assessing disparity in health literacy among patients with advanced cancer: exploring impact on symptom management, quality of life and understanding of care plans

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