Matt Day

Professional Musician, Music Care Provider, Therapy Assistant

Matt Day is a professional entertainer and has performed at events for the City of Edmonton, AHS, Covenant Health, AUPE, EPCOR and more. Through his employment with AHS, Matt provided music care Recreation Therapy in a front-line capacity during the height of the COVID19 pandemic to patients in isolation.

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Whole Notes: How music reaches their soul before their soul moves on

In 2020 musician, Matt Day, was asked to meet the needs of patients in isolation. Some of these patients, while not palliative upon admission, became palliative during their stay. Music provided relief during this time. Whole Notes serves as a metaphor for addressing patient's wellness needs. "Music reaches their soul before their soul moves on. The impact of these simple notes has also reached my soul.” Real-life anecdotes, live music and pertinent data inform this engaging presentation.

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