Lawrence Lee


Physician Consultant, Edmonton Zone Palliative Care Program; Assistant Clinical Professor, Div of Palliative Care Medicine, Dept of Oncology, Univ of Alberta

Dr. Lawrence Lee graduated from the U of A family medicine program in 2009 and completed his fellowship in palliative care medicine here in Edmonton in 2010. Since then, he has been working full time in the Edmonton Zone Palliative Care Program as a palliative care physician consultant mainly in the community but also in the acute care setting. He is an assistant clinical professor in the department of oncology and enjoys teaching health care professionals from all disciplines. Megan will be submitting another joint presentation on our behalf. Please see her bio there.

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Assessment and management of shortness of breath in patients with aplliative diagnosis

Dyspnea is a challenging symptom to manage in palliative patients that dramatically affects quality of life. This workshop will use a case-based format and audience participation to discuss an approach to the assessment, investigation and treatment of dyspnea. Treatment measures including opioids, other medications and palliative sedation will be covered. The intention is to provide practical, clinical knowledge to front-line staff so that they can better care for patients with this symptom.

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