William Taylor

BScN, Site Leader/Director of Care at Devonshire Seniors Community


Wm. H. (Bill) Taylor is the Site Leader/Director of Care at Devonshire Seniors Community. He is a Registered Nurse and has his Diploma in Nursing from MacEwan University and his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alberta. Bill’s nursing career includes 20+ years of nursing experience across long term care, long term care management and Nursing education. Bill is also the president of the Edmonton area Alberta Directors of Continuing Care Association (ADOCCA) committee which is a group that considers themselves a professional association of continuing care leaders for Alberta that provides a collaborative, transparent, and nurturing environment for leaders who hold senior care close to their heart. Bill prides himself personally as a mentor for new leaders in continuing care. Bill still works as staff and charge RN in long term care on his days off.


Problem Identification: Park Place Seniors Living serves older adults living with chronic, life-limiting illnesses and has therefore worked to create a culture of learning and practice that integrates a palliative approach into care and service delivery. This presentation will speak to our journey. Background: A palliative approach in residential care involves adapting and integrating principles and values from palliative care into the care of older adults living with life-limiting conditions. This blending of chronic disease management and palliative care is well suited to the residential care sector. Implementing a palliative approach in residential care requires an "upstream" orientation to care delivery that addresses the needs of the residents and their families related to the advancing nature of their illness experiences. This approach necessitates partnership in care delivery with the resident, family and the care team to address these needs.

3 Learning Objectives

1. Enhance understanding for what a palliative approach can look like in Residential Care Gain understanding for why it is so important to have a palliative approach in Residential Care

2. Gain knowledge around the Palliative Approach Toolkit developed and implemented across the Park Place organisation

3. Learn more about implementing practical conversation tips

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