Shireen Kassam

Project Coordinator (Living with Colorectal Cancer study)


Shireen Kassam is the Project Coordinator for the Living with Colorectal Cancer study. She obtained her BSc. in Biology and Post Graduate diploma in Clinical Trials Management from Western University. She has experience with both quantitative and qualitative research and has worked in Cancer Care since 2011.


The 'Living with Colorectal Cancer' study seeks to assess bereaved caregivers' experiences with caring for a loved one who has died of advanced colorectal cancer. Overall patient care during the last three months of life is rated by caregivers as very good or excellent most of the time. However, caregivers often feel insufficiently supported and unprepared by healthcare providers for their loved one's death. Information about bereavement services was not always offered.

3 Learning Objectives

1) Describe bereaved caregiver experience with care at end of life for patients with advanced colorectal cancer.

2) Reflect on patient and family (caregiver) wishes at end of life and explore how often these wishes are honoured.

3) Summarize areas in which supports for bereaved caregivers are lacking and opportunities for improvement in the future.

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