Matt Munan

Research Assistant
Intensive Care Unit
Misericordia Community Hospital


Matt Munan completed an MSc in Exercise Physiology at the University of Alberta and works as a research assistant in the Misericordia Hospital ICU under the direction of Dr. Erika MacIntyre. Their research interests include patient and family-centered care in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, best practice models in Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation, and Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare for young adults with Chronic Respiratory Failure.


This study examined the perspectives of people with ALS and caregivers as they experience transitions in a progressive, terminal disease. People with ALS and caregivers were approached for recruitment at the Misericordia Hospital ALS clinic. We performed semi-structured interviews with 14 patients and 15 caregivers. The interviews were transcribed and analyzed using qualitative thematic analysis. We identified five main themes throughout interviews that were important to people with ALS and caregivers as they experience transitions.

3 Learning Objectives

1) Identify transitions that are important for persons with ALS and caregivers as they navigate a terminal disease.

2) Understand the complex and individualized ways in which people with ALS and their caregivers experience transitions and make decisions about care throughout their ALS journey.

3) Provide recommendations for best care practices and applications for clinicians who provide care for people with ALS.

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