Lynn Curry

Quality Practice Leader for Palliative Care
Bethany Care Center


Lynn Curry, RN BsN MN CHPCN(c) Quality Practice Leader for Palliative Care, consults on complex palliative care cases and hosts Latte and Learn Gatherings.


The EPAC model provided core principles in establishing a collaborative palliative pathway for resident centered care during the COVID 19 pandemic. EPAC achievements and learnings were enhanced by the Momentum Challenges incentives to further the Palliative program funding supports. COVID 19 continues to bring reflective opportunities to facilitate the navigating of palliative care through the pandemic processes. Our focus remains on our residents and families using the lens of palliation during the COVID 19 pandemic.

3 Learning Objectives

1) To introduce the reflective body of knowledge gathered by the Bethany Palliative Care program preceding and during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

2) To transfer the reflective body of palliative knowledge developed during the COVID 19 pandemic to be synthesized by fellow palliative colleagues.

3) To acquire the collective experience of utilizing the Embedding of a Palliative Approach to Care pathways during the COVID 19 pandemic.

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