Dr. Jasneet Parmar

Associate Professor Dept. of Family Medicine, University of Alberta


Dr. Jasneet Parmar has 28 years of experience as an academic, educator, clinician and advocate in seniors' care in Edmonton. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. Jasneet is very active in developing and implementing clinical programming in the care for the frail elderly and family caregivers.


Family caregivers (FCGs) provide 70-90% of the care for the Albertans with serious illness. Providing care can be uplifting, yet the proportion of distressed caregivers has increased. How should health providers support FCGs? We will introduce you to our Caregiver Centered Care-competency-based education for providers who interact with FCGs. In this session, you will learn how to provide caregiver centered care--person-centered care for FCGs. Participants can earn their Foundational Caregiver-Centered Care Certificate.

3 Learning Objectives

1) Learn to recognize the caregiver role; communicate with FCGs; and partner with FCGS.

2) Learn to foster FCG resilience, assist FCGs to navigate the health system and access resources, and, about your role in enhancing the culture and context of care.

3) Earn your Foundational Caregiver-Centered Care Certificate.

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