Christine Enfield

Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner (CASC)
Program Chaplain, Tertiary Palliative Care Unit
Grey Nuns Community Hospital


Christine Enfield, M.Div., Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner (CASC) has been a program chaplain on the Tertiary Palliative Care Unit at the Grey Nuns Hospital for 8 years. Christine’s interest is growing in the art and science of assessing and treating spiritual pain and considers being present with people on their journey an honour and privilege.


Covid-19 has had a major impact on how palliative patients and their families experience the death and dying process. The impact of wearing masks, visitor restrictions, and social distance on the provision of psychosocial-spiritual care and end-of-life cultural rituals will be explored. Members of the Interdisciplinary team of a Tertiary Palliative Care Unit will discuss the challenges faced, and offer strategies to adapt psychosocial-spiritual care to maintain dignity while continuing to provide safety during a pandemic.

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