Cara Bablitz

Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta


A member of the Métis Nation from Whitecourt, Alberta, Dr. Cara Bablitz is a Family Physician with specialization in Palliative Medicine. Dr. Bablitz has previously worked in rural and remote areas including on the Alexis Reserve and is currently engaged with the Indigenous Wellness Clinic in Edmonton where she has developed the Palliative Care Outreach and Advocacy Team (PCOAT) to provide palliative care to socially-vulnerable patients in Edmonton. Her work focusing on improving health equity and improving health outcomes of Indigenous peoples continues as chair of the Alberta Medical Association Indigenous Health Committee. She was the 2018 “Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Award for Young Leaders (Early Career)” recipient, the 2016 “Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians (CSPCP) Research Award” winner wherein she was voted as having a top Resident Research Project in Canada at the CSPCP Annual Conference.


The training provides an understanding of the impacts of historical trauma specifically Indian residential schools and segregated Indian hospitals. The participants will learn how trauma manifests itself through behaviours that are hurtful and damaging to relationships in the workplace. Participants will examine how personal biases and questioning the development of stereotypical patterns is an ongoing and active process of recognizing and addressing individual, institutional, and systemic racism. This keynote presentation explores how to engage critically in anti-racism and enact anti-racist practices in health.

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