Conference Speakers

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  • Amandeep Sahota

    RN BN Palliative educator and EPAC Project Nursing Lead, also instrumental in advancing the Babel research at Bethany Care Centers

  • Angela Blenkhorne

    Founder and Chair, Bernie's Buddies

  • Anita D'Mello

    RN, BScN, MScN
    Resident Care Manager
    Devonshire Seniors Community

  • Bill Chimich

    Division of Geriatric Psychiatry, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and Consultant Psychiatrist, Continuing Care Psychiatric Consult Services

  • Brenda Reynolds

    BISW, RSW, Master of Arts Counseling Psychology, CIYT 200

  • Cara Bablitz

    Assistant Clinical Professor
    Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta

  • Ceinwen Cumming

    Sr. Clinical Psychologist
    Psychosocial and Spiritual Resources
    Cross Cancer Institute
    Alberta Health Services - Cancer Care

  • Christine Enfield

    Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner (CASC)
    Program Chaplain, Tertiary Palliative Care Unit
    Grey Nuns Community Hospital

  • Donna Wilson

    RN, PhD
    Professor, Faculty of Nursing, , University of Alberta

  • Jasneet Parmar

    Associate Professor Dept. of Family Medicine, University of Alberta

  • Jennifer Van Dyk

    MSW, RSW, Oncology Social Worker

  • Katherine Murray

    BScN, RN, MN. Certified Hospice Palliative Care Nurse, Fellow in Thanatology (FT®)

  • Lawrence Lee

    MD, CCFP (PC)
    Physician Consultant, Edmonton Zone

  • Lorelei Sawchuk

    MN, RN, CHPCN(C)
    Education Lead and Nurse Practitioner
    Palliative Institute, Covenant Health

  • Lynn Curry

    RN BsN MN CHPCN(c)
    Quality Practice Leader for Palliative Care
    Bethany Care Center

  • Matt Day

    BA in Music; Diploma in piano performance

  • Matt Munan

    Research Assistant
    Intensive Care Unit
    Misericordia Community Hospital

  • Megan Sellick

    MD CCFP(PC),
    Assistant Clinical Professor, Division of Palliative Care Medicine
    Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
    University of Alberta

  • Noëlle Liwski Hanson

    PhD, RPsych
    Clinical Psychologist
    Tertiary Palliative Care Unit 43
    Grey Nuns Community Hospital

  • Rachel Moll-Dowdell

    BScN, RN
    Clinical Consultant
    Team: Continuing Care Psychiatric Consulting Service
    Organization: Alberta Health Services

  • Serena Rix

    BSc(Hons) Pharm, Pharm D
    Pharmacist, Grey Nuns Hospital (Unit 43)

  • Sharon Iverson

    RN, MC Education
    Project Lead, Palliative and End-of-Life Practice and Development
    Provincial Seniors Health and Continuing Care AHS

  • Sheila Killoran

    MA, MTA, FAMI,
    Position: Music Therapist
    Location: Tertiary Palliative Care Unit 43, Grey Nuns Community Hospital

  • Shireen Kassam

    BSc, CCRP
    Project Coordinator (Living with Colorectal Cancer study)

  • Sonya Lowe


  • William Taylor

    BScN, Site Leader/Director of Care at Devonshire Seniors Community

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