Top 10 Palliative Care Studies of 2021


Challenging Clinical Care Needs for Palliative & End-of-Life Care Patients and their Families



Angela Gee, Clinical Pharmacist - Palliative Care



It is challenging to carry out high quality research in the palliative care population, but each year a few studies come out that impact current practice. We have reviewed the literature from 2021 and selected our top 10 publications that have impacted our practice from the medical, nursing, and pharmacy perspectives. We will summarize the evidence, as well as how that evidence translates into day-to-day clinical practice.



1. Recognize the value of new evidence emerging in palliative care research

2. Increase knowledge in recent advances in symptom management, multidisciplinary team function, and communication in palliative care

3. Reflect on how research can confirm or change current individual practices


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