Providing Psychosocial-Spiritual Care for Hospitalized Patients During COVID-19


Emerging Issues & Trends: Innovations and research in palliative & end of life care



Covid-19 has had a major impact on how palliative patients and their families experience the death and dying process. The impact of wearing masks, visitor restrictions, and social distance on the provision of psychosocial-spiritual care and end-of-life cultural rituals will be explored. Members of the Interdisciplinary team of a Tertiary Palliative Care Unit will discuss the challenges faced, and offer strategies to adapt psychosocial-spiritual care to maintain dignity while continuing to provide safety during a pandemic.


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1) Identify challenges faced in providing psychosocial-spiritual care during Covid-19 Pandemic.

2) Reflect on the emotional elements inherent in death/ dying during a pandemic.

3) Recommend strategies and adaptations to provide safe psychosocial-spiritual care.


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Managing a Palliative Care Program Framework during a Pandemic


The EPAC model provided core principles in establishing a collaborative palliative pathway for resident centered care during the COVID 19 pandemic. EPAC achievements and learnings were enhanced by the Momentum Challenges incentives to further the Palliative program funding supports. COVID 19 continues to bring reflective opportunities to facilitate the navigating of palliative care through the pandemic processes. Our focus remains on our residents and families using the lens of palliation during the COVID 19 pandemic.


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