Paramedics Providing Palliative Care at Home in New Brunswick


Collaborative Bridges





Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) paramedics and Extra-Mural Program (EMP) home-healthcare professionals have joined in providing a patient/family centric approach to palliative care at home. This innovative model of community-based palliative care presents a unique opportunity to facilitate inter-disciplinary practice among emergency service and home-healthcare providers. This session describes the development, implementation and evaluation of this initiative, aimed at improving patient and family experience, increasing system effectiveness, efficiency and thus sustainability of the healthcare system.



1) Describe the development of this initiative, including the creation of a unique and collaborative “Model of Care” for patients with palliative care needs;

2) Discuss the implementation of this project, including “lessons learned” along the way to aid other jurisdictions interested in similar “scale-up and spread” opportunities;

3) Provide project results in terms of qualitative and quantitative QA data collected during the project, discuss next steps and consider future opportunities provided by this initiative.


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