Pain Assessment and Management


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Dr. Lawrence Lee MD, CCFP (PC)



Pain is multidimensional and requires a unique approach to assessment and management. Attendees will learn to assess pain and learn a practical approach to pain management in a variety of situations, including in patients with complex, total pain. Use of various analgesics will be discussed, including opioids. Using opioids during the Canadian opioid crisis will be briefly discussed, as will the use of the more common analgesic adjuvants, including non-pharmacologic interventions.



1. Compare and contrast nociceptive and neuropathic pain and devise an approach to the pain syndrome that incorporates the patient’s diagnosis, past medical history, social history, and personal pain goal.

2. Create a management plan that includes pharmacologic interventions, but also considers non-pharmacologic interventions, including use of allied health professionals. Attendees will be able to justify the use of opioid analgesics in certain clinical situations.

3. Confidently discuss opioid initiation, titration. Will be able to recognize common side effects, symptoms toxicity, and be able to dispel myths surrounding opioid use with patients and their caregivers.


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