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Personalized Palliative Care for Family Caregivers: How to Partner

Tanya L’Heureux


Sharon Anderson, Elisabeth Drance, Cheryl Pollard, Jamie Penner, Glenda Tarnowski, Michelle Lobchuk, Charlotte Pooler, Denise Melenberg, Linda Powell, Laurie Caforio, Jamie Stewart, Gwen McGhan, Caroline Weir, Heather Jones,


1. Introduce the participants to the Advanced Caregiver-Centered Care Competency-based Education Partnering with Family Caregivers module. 2. Enable participants understand the benefits of partnering with family caregivers. 3. Equip participants with the knowledge and skills to establish collaborative relationships with family caregivers.

Brief Abstract

In this session, we will use videos and interactive exercises to enable attendees to gain an understanding of the benefits of partnering with family caregivers [FCGs], how to establish collaborative relationships with FCGs, and some tools and resources that are available to help you partner with FCGs. You will also gain an understanding that partnering with family caregivers has many benefits, not only for the caregiver, but the care-recipient, and the healthcare system as well.

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