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Emerging Issues & Trends

Palliative pain management and end of life care in South Asian Community

Nasreen Omar



At the end of this presentation will gain knowledge about: 1. South Asian community profile 2. cultural perspectives on health & healing, end of life care and rituals about death and dying. 3. communication patterns and strategies

Brief Abstract

The title of this presentation the “Palliative Pain Management and end of life care”, truly fits in with the theme of the conference “personalized palliative and end-of-life care” The focus of this presentation is providing culturally responsive palliative care. Providing personalized care, in essence, is providing culturally responsive care. Culturally responsive Palliative care means we need to gain knowledge about cultural perspectives of health and healing of the patient. This presentation will shed some light on such areas as personal directives, expression & management of pain, and end of life care etc.

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