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Developing the Understanding Palliative Care Module: Research, Consultation and Creative Considerations for Engaging the Public

Mary-Ann Shantz


Patricia Biondo and Miranda Manning


1) Participants will learn about the latest research evidence and international approaches to improving public understanding of palliative care. 2) Participants will become familiar with key features of a new free, online educational tool to improve public understanding of palliative care. 3) Participants will hear about lessons learned from the process of developing a public-facing educational tool on palliative care.

Brief Abstract

As part of a project to improve public understanding of palliative care, the Palliative Institute developed an innovative online public educational resource called “Understanding Palliative Care.” An expert working group advised on the development of the module, and it also incorporates feedback from a panel of public volunteers. Key features of the “Understanding Palliative Care” module include plain language, positive key messages, short interviews with people who have personally experienced palliative care, and creative design.

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