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Emerging Issues and Trends

Bridging the Gap: A Critical Examination of Palliative Care Access among Immigrant and Ethnically Diverse Communities in Alberta

Wafa Nuradin

Deka Ahmed


Understanding Disparities in Palliative Care: Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the substantial disparities in access to palliative and end-of-life care among immigrant and ethnically diverse communities in Alberta. They will be able to identify and discuss the significant knowledge and resource gaps within these communities. Assessing Proposed Solutions: Participants will learn to critically examine the six-point plan proposed by MCS to address the identified gaps in palliative care. This includes understanding the plan's key elements, assessing its feasibility, potential impact and required resources. Additionally, they will gain insight into the role of technology in palliative care, particularly in facilitating caregiver support. Implementing Culturally Competent Care: Attendees will learn about the Diversity Anywhere Framework and its relevance in delivering culturally competent care. They will explore the importance of awareness campaigns in improving understanding of end-of-life care options among diverse populations and understand how these efforts aim to improve access, engagement, and quality of care.

Brief Abstract

This presentation critically assesses the "Unseen Realities" report by Modern Caregiving Solutions, revealing a palliative care access disparity among Alberta's diverse communities. The study uses qualitative data from caregivers, patients, and organizations to identify gaps in resources and knowledge. The presentation reviews the report's six-point plan for improvement, the MyHuddle app's potential for aiding caregiver navigation, and the Diversity Anywhere Framework, designed to promote culturally competent care.

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